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Masterclass at Eighth

It’s serendipitous that right after I returned from Paris, I found this lovely apartment right next to my house and just 100 metres away from the sea, away from the noise of the busy Carter Road in Bandra. My little baking studio is where you will always find me baking, with my favourite music playing in the background and smell of coffee filling up the studio. Baking, music and coffee - they make the happiest threesome, don’t they?
I also discovered that I am in my happiest zone when I am talking about baking, that’s when I decided to teach baking at the studio.

We run all kinds of classes at the studio. I teach mostly baking but I have other interesting people who occasionally use the space to teach their crafts. Since the studio is equipped with all things needed to bake, we run a lot more baking/cooking classes than anything else.